Industrial safety

According to the German Industrial Safety Act, an employer has to appoint health and safety officers responsible for the safety-relevant support of his staff. Based on the number of staff and the company’s risk group, regulation 2 of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (GSAI) determines the manhours a health and safety officer must be available. This officer can be a qualified staff member who received extensive training. External personnel is often called on, too.


Safety support acc. to DGUV regulation 2

For your company, we prepare risk assessments, operating instructions acc. to the Industrial Safety Act, and hold safety instructions and department-specific trainings for your staff, supervisors and executives.


Our services:

  • site inspections,
  • preparation of operating instructions, hazardous substances acc. to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances,
  • organisation of safety committee meetings,
  • regular risk assessments and documentation acc. to GSAI,
  • safety briefing for new processes, risks and regulations,
  • measures to reduce or eliminate risks,
  • operating instructions for machines acc. to Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health,
  • support in obtaining the SCC certificate,
  • advisory service regarding the selection of protective work clothing and equipment,
  • initial instruction and annual instructions of your staff,
  • training of executives,
  • supporting the cooperation with trade associations and regulatory authorities.