Claim Management


In the field of plant engineering, establishing and rejecting claims is part of the day-to-day business. They are essential for the project’s or even the whole company‚Äôs economic success.


We support you in preparing or defending claims by systematic analyses of the contract and situation to clarify complex problems and get your claims accepted.


Claim management takes a closer look at two sides. On the one hand, the establishment of claims and on the other their rejection. Cost pressure is continuously increasing in the business of construction and plant engineering. Tight project costing does not give much leeway to the client and contractor in case of change requests out of the contract scope. Generously calculated projects allow you to incorporate the changes without changing the contract price; a tight budget does not offer this possibility. There will be claims, which are preferably processed by a claim manager. That is one reason claim managers are much sought-after specialists providing special knowledge of the structures and requirements of claim management.


Kapsam supports your company regarding claim management (Kap CM) by providing highly qualified staff and by training your company’s own staff.



What to expect of Kap CM – Claim Management
  • Establishment and rejection of claims
  • Recording claim-relevant events before and during the project
  • Counselling project participants, the client regarding realisation of the claim strategy
  • Claim specific correspondence together with your company’s lawyers in charge or Kapsam’s legal department
  • Kap CM in back office for claim management

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