HSE Coordinator

HSE tasks require a sound specialised qualification that is defined in the regulations on industrial safety on building sites. According to the Construction Site Ordinance, the developer is required to appoint one or more qualified safety officers for construction sites with staff of different employers. Safety officers carry out a lot of tasks on site. They check, coordinate and implement all necessary measures to ensure an extensive safety on sites.

Our Services are:


Engineering stage


  • preparing and forwarding the announcement to the appropriate authority
  • preparation and completion of a HSE concept
  • determination of execution periods
  • preparation of the construction site ordinance
  • analysis of preliminary, basic and construction design
  • compilation of documents for later construction work


Execution stage


  • instruction of the executing companies
  • introducing the executing companies into the construction site ordinance
  • attending construction meetings and clarification of safety-relevant issues
  • adjustment of the HSE concept
  • organisation and execution of safety walkabouts
  • preparation of walkabout minutes