Materials Management

Materials management processes aim at the provision of the required goods on demand:

  • at the right time
  • in the right place
  • in the required amount
  • in the required quality
  • for the lowest cost possible
Rely on Kapsam – save time and money!

We handle logistics and materials management during shutdowns and projects, or serve as your outsourcing partner.



Small changes can often have a big impact.


Using our specifically developed software, we reliably cover the fields of work preparation, procurement, storage, disposition and document management along the entire process chain and can therefore plan and control your materials movement efficiently.


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  • changing project partners
  • changing specifications
  • calculation demand at short notice
  • project start at short notice
  • staff demand at short notice
  • high training demand
  • IT structure changes
  • responsibility changes
  • supplier changes
  • and many more
Services by Kapsam GmbH
  • preparation of project concepts
  • budgeting
  • procurement on behalf and on account
  • incoming goods check
  • stock management
  • complaints management
  • distribution for use
  • reporting
  • document management
  • and many more